What are “good works”?

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From I Believe… Living the Apostle’s Creed by Lester DeKoster:

I Believe... by Lester DeKoster

I Believe... by Lester DeKoster

Every act, mental or physical, is in biblical terms a “work.”

And “works” come in only two varieties, good or bad. What’s the difference? The good are done in harmony with God’s revealed will; the bad are done in rebellion against it. The Lord’s true disciple, what you are called to be, seeks to learn God’s will and tries to obey it. That’s what the Bible and its teaching in the Church are for.

Christianity is the religion of incarnation, the incarnation of the Son, the Word of God, in Jesus Christ; and in a parallel way, the incarnation of God’s biblical Word through our acts in “works.” That is what Jesus came to make possible. That is what the Creed is about.

In a nutshell: to live is potency; to act is giving your potential incarnation in works; good works are those acts which are obedient to the will of God as revealed through His Word. We need not speak of the others. Don’t!!

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