The End of Liberation Theology

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Lester DeKoster & Gerard Berghoef, from Liberation Theology: The Church’s Future Shock:

…[Liberation Theology] exposes itself to the same fate already befallen Marxism wherever it takes historical form as Communism. Though born of great genius and immense self-denial, though inspired by a vision of a new humanity born with a boundlessly progressive future, Marxism in practice always gives rise to the dull, gray brutalism of the totalitarian state. Why?

Lester DeKoster (1916-2009)

Lester DeKoster (1916-2009)

Well, when the “old” man, inheritor of the depravity visited upon humankind by Adam’s transgression, seizes dictatorial power for the purpose of making others “new,” (deluding himself that he is “new” already!), the fact of his unredeemed depravity is soon writ large in the horrors of Gulag, murder and unrelieved oppression. Whatever may have been the chains and slavery of pre-Marxist societies – in Russia, in China, in Cuba, in Vietnam, everywhere – the shackles forged by communism are more binding, more absolute, more pervasive and more deadly than the revolution swept away. The more loudly Marxism denies human depravity in words, the more resolutely Marxism-in-action demonstrates its own depravity in deeds. It will not be otherwise wherever LT engineers the rebellions it schemes for.

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